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Thanks for checking out the possibility of commissioning me to create a bespoke artwork for you. If you are looking for something that will complement your space or as a gift for someone in your life then I am happy to discuss exactly what you are looking for.

A commission is a collaboration. My job is to interpret the brief that we develop together and create something original and new. While often people who approach me have seen a painting of mine they like, I cannot recreate previous paintings as each one is the result of an intuitive emerging process. This way, each work is unique and my commission would be with only you in mind.

The process:
    We meet (in person or virtually depending on your location) to talk through ideas and what you are looking for - size, colours, the location of the painting (photos help if this is a virtual meeting) and anything specific you are looking for. Ideally you will be able to identify one or more paintings of mine that you like the feeling of as this helps to give me a sense of what appeals to you. The meeting is best in the ultimate location of the painting but if thats not possible, we can do this virtually.
      I’ll source materials and send you a quote and outline of the process - a 50% deposit secures the commission.
        The time scale depends very much on the size, surface (canvas, board...) and complexity of the artwork but approximately 2 months depending on the commission requirements.
          As my artworks undergo many changes as I develop them and have many many layers, I will only show you the painting once I have a sense that it has reached a stage where it is beginning to make sense.
            We then agree whether the painting is ready, and any framing requirements if relevant, or I can make changes as required.

            Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more.